About Shellcove

Shellcove was founded in 2004 by Sue O’Neill. The company provides management and specialised services to not-for-profit trade associations, NGO’s and professional organisations, using a for-profit approach. Sue has over  twenty years experience in helping clients by offering bespoke marketing and management services allowing them to refocus their efforts on what’s core to their organisation.

Clients include; IBEC,; Small Firms Association; Musgrave; Irish Tyre Industry Association; Vintners Federation Ireland (VFI);  Licensed Vintners Associtation (LVA);  Irish Medical Devices Association and Dublin City University. The company has also worked with many SMEs  building their brand, their profile and winning them business.

What is an AMC?

An Association Management Compnay (AMC) is an independent service provider offering solutions for associations. This often includes management solutions, membership development, strategic guidance and adminstration services. If the goal of an association is to bring like-minded people together then association members need to focus on this. An AMC can takeover some everyday operations to ensure the association stays focused on its goal and remains relevant to members.

There are two models for working with an AMC:

Full Service – where the AMC has a part to play in pretty much every aspect of operations. From strategic planning to membership, marketing, to event planning, online activity, finance and adminsistration.

Outsourced Service –  where the AMC underatkes a single task or project for the asssociation. For example the AMC may manage a training programme, an awards programme, a specific event, a membership or communications campaign.

Working with an AMC allows a lot of flexibility, matching most needs and budgets. It allows associations to avail of new technologies, scale up without taking on full-time additional resources and adapt their own model easily.