About Shellcove

Sue O’Neill Managing Director

Founded in 2004 by Sue O’Neill , Shellcove operates as an Association Management Company (AMC) providing management and specialised services to not-for-profit trade associations, NGO’s and professional organisations, using a for-profit approach.

Sue has over  twenty years experience in helping clients by offering bespoke marketing and management services allowing them to refocus their efforts on what’s core to their organisation. She is passionate about business development and seeking opportunities for clients through marketing and communications initiatives She has provided services to organisations such as Dublin City University, IBEC, Small Firms Association, Irish Medical Devices Association and Irish Hotels Federation. She has also worked with many SMEs  building their brand, their profile and winning them business.

Clients partnering with Shellcove can expect to boost the relevance of their organisation by using cutting- edge social media, communications and PR services. Shellcove will reach further than many organisations do within their own network, resulting in additional revenue through increased membership subscriptions. This allows for reinvestment and the development of fresh areas helping to enhance  competitive advantage for the benefit of members.


For associations managed by volunteers without staff or for smaller under-resourced organisations, an office address with a physical headquarters location is essential for effective management. This is where Shellcove serves as your association’s unit.  We handle  all daily administrative requirements. Services offered will result in an affordable back office management solution that takes the time and expense from key operational functions including membership development, technology, web services, admin and financial functions.

For well resourced organisations we provide individual services including event management, marketing and communications. These services can be provided when additional capacity is demanded.