As organisations move to holding their events virtually, Shellcove has developed  a professional online event service called Digicon. Using expert audio-visual production facilities and event management know-how, associations can be sure that their brand is well reflected.

Virtual Conference: Host your conference completely on-line or avail of a hybrid option where your MC and key speakers are based in one of our studios. Other invited speakers and delegates will join on-line in a seamless manner. Digicon will ensure your event is interactive. Sponsor participation can be integrated through branding, video adverts and short presentations. Your Q&A will be managed and expertly co-ordinated to ensure your live event runs seamlessly. Technical support is provided to all speakers and event rehearsals are facilitated to ensure all participants are prepared in advance. Delegate registrations are managed and payments can be integrated.

Virtual AGM: Digcon is experienced in the delivery of Annual General Meetings online. Support is provided in developing your script along with coaching for Chairperson, CEO, Auditors, and other key personnel  and the management of Q&A/ polling. Technical support is provided for speakers/attendees and rehearsals are co-ordinated. Digicon will work with the Company Secretary throughout to provide support in managing the delivery of the AGM in a virtual setting.

Virtual Awards Ceremony: The hybrid option is ideal for hosting award ceremonies. The set can be designed and branded to suit your needs and key presenters along with your MC can announce your awards. If appropriate award recipients can also be present. Your online audience will view proceedings live and Digicon can support this with live social media posting ensuring your sponsors and award recipients receive further exposure. Post event video clips can also be delivered for distribution.


Watch Digicon Video here